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What If You Are Asked To Take Care Of The Funeral Of An Attacker?

What if you are asked to take care of the funeral of an attacker?

Foto artikel vakblad uitvaart

The Dutch funeral branch magazine ‘Vakblad Uitvaart’ published September 2017 an article about the subject concerning funerals of suicide terrorists.

The editors asked, among other funeral professionals, Dirk van Vuure, Principal of the Van der Heden International Repatriation and Funeral Services organisation, based in the Netherlands, several questions about this issue. For example: ‘What if you are asked to take care of the funeral of an attacker?’

Like the other interviewees, Dirk van Vuure emphasizes there is no question regarding adopting a position. “I do have the duty to take care and I really dislike shifting problems. Even though it is difficult, we have to respect laws and have to respond to the requests of the society.”


Read the complete article HERE .

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