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The Funeral In The Homeland Can Take Weeks

The funeral in the homeland can take weeks

If someone dies abroad, it sometimes takes weeks before the funeral can take place in the homeland. As happened in the case of DJ Avicii.

On 20 April, the world famous DJ died in the Omani capital of Muscat. On 11 June, more than seven weeks after his death, he was buried privately in Sweden.

Why does it take so long and why is repatriation sometimes so expensive? And how long can the body be temporarily preserved? The editors of rtlnieuws asked Nicolet van der Kieft. She has been working for Van der Heden International Funeral Transport and Repatriation for ten years now.

She highlights various aspects of repatriation in the article ‘Avicii not buried after weeks’.

Click HERE for the article.

Or click HERE for the article on rtlnieuws.

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