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Before your loved one can be brought back home, there is a lot to be taken care of. As every country has their own traditions, formalities and regulations, this is done differently in each country. International funeral transport is therefore a true speciality.

Taking worries out of your hands

Van der Heden I.R.U. has long-time experience with the repatriation of the deceased and we can take care of the whole process for you.


Van der Heden I.R.U. arranges all formalities for you onsite. Sometimes contact and negotiation with foreign consulates, embassies and ministries is needed. Also at the borders, certain documents are often required to make the journey home possible. Whatever is needed, we will arrange it for you.

...and back at home

Once you and your loved one arrive back home, often more formalities are required. We will support you on that part, too. We take care of all needed certificates and extracts. We translate and legalise foreign documents and we can take care of registering the foreign death certificate in The Netherlands.

Also for funerals or cremations

If you wish, Van der Heden I.R.U. can take that last bit of uncertainty out of your hands by taking care of the funeral or cremation as well. Whether this takes place in The Netherlands or abroad.

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