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In the few decades that Van der Heden I.R.U. has offered repatriation to The Netherlands and abroad, we have built an extensive international network of trustworthy partners. This way we can guarantee that your loved one will receive the best care and respect worldwide.

Onsite, the best options are carefully analysed to bring the deceased back to the homeland, in the best and quickest possible way. We arrange flight tickets and transfers to almost any airport in the world. If the funeral transport is possible by car, we can be on the move within one hour thanks to our own specialised vehicles.

Of course we will always keep you, as a relative, informed as to when the journey back will take place, how this will be done and when your beloved will be back home again.

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, you can count on us to arrange all the formalities needed for a quick and accurate repatriation. We can also take care of the funeral in The Netherlands or the funeral abroad.

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